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  • DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric
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    Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric – 10M Roll

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    Use DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric for fixation of your primary wound dressings. Its latex free and hypoallergenic construction will ensure that your patients with sensitive skin will enjoy the security it offers with no long term wearing discomfort.

  • DynaPro Disposable Face Mask
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    ASTM Level 2 Disposable Masks – 50/Box

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    The DynaPro Disposable Face Mask is a medical face mask with  ASTM Level 2 filtration levels, low ventilation resistance for minimal interference with breathing and high levels of microbial cleanliness. They will protect individuals who are in the vicinity of the wearer from respiratory droplets he or she may emit while coughing, sneezing or even speaking. They are sold in sets of 50 masks.

  • DynaPro Reusable Hot/Cold Pack
    In Stock

    Cold & Hot Reusable Compress

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    The DynaPro Reusable Hot/Cold Pack is a versatile non-toxic compress that you can use for both hot and cold therapies and for treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

  • DynaPro ElastikWrap
    In Stock

    ElastikWrap Non Tear Elastic Tape

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    DynaPro ElastikWrap is an ultra strong, non tear elastic adhesive tape that is useful for strapping or securing bandages to highly irregular areas of the body.

  • DynaPro Face Shield
    In Stock

    Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection

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    The DynaPro Face Shield provides full facial protection from large respiratory droplets emitted by others while maintaining perfect frontal and peripheral vision.

  • DynaPro Kinesiology RestoreTape - 5M -Beige
    In Stock

    Kinesiology RestoreTape

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    Use DynaPro Kinesiology RestoreTape for speedy pain relief and recovery from  sore & aching muscles, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprained ligaments, strained muscles or tendons and many other repetitive stress injuries. Available in colours black, blue, red and beige. Dimensions are 5 cm x 5 m or 5 cm x 31.5 m. This tape is hypoallergenic, latex free and made from 100% premium quality cotton fibre.

  • Porous Zinc oxide tape - rolls & box

    Porous Zinc Oxide Tape

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    DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape will offer security under the most demanding conditions while being comfortable to wear and presenting less irritation to sensitive skin.

    • High quality cotton backcloth coated with a strong zinc oxide based adhesive
    • Constant unwind tension
    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and other sports related soft tissue injuries;
    • Strong enough to support and provide stability to smaller limbs and joints such as ankles, wrists and fingers
    • Can be used in combination with a cohesive tape like DynaPro SelfWrap to support larger body parts such as knees and shoulders
    • Porous construction that helps breathability and keeps the patient dry and comfortable underneath the tape job
  • DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape
    In Stock

    Rigid Athletic Tape

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    Use our latex free and hypoallergenic DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape to secure your ankles, knees and other joints against the risk of injury during training or competition.

    • Rigid (highly non elastic) strapping tape with a rayon backing;
    • Suitable for stabilizing large muscles and joints such as the shoulder and knee;
    • Equipped with a powerful adhesive that will stabilize weak, unstable or injured joints during intense physical activity;
    • Uses a hypoallergenic adhesive that will help prevent adverse skin reactions even among those with sensitive skin;
    • Can be paired with DynaPro Adhesive Non Woven Fabric for a robust combination taping system that will stabilize vulnerable joints while giving even further protection from allergic reactions.
  • DynaPro SelfWrap
    In Stock

    SelfWrap Self Adhesive (Cohesive) Bandages

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    Choose DynaPro SelfWrap for a latex free and hypoallergenic solution to your need for a cohesive bandage that will stick only to itself and provide the support and compression you need for treatment of your soft tissue injuries.

    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
    • Also useful for holding wound care bandages in place (acting as a fixation bandage)
    • Useful for veterinary work – will not damage animal skin or fur as would a traditional adhesive bandage
    • Reusable over extended periods with no loss of tension or pressure
    • Easy to remove and reapply as required
    • Latex free – no risk of adverse skin reactions, even for those with latex allergies
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Individually wrapped in airtight plastic seal – will retain pristine condition until you are ready to use

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  • DynaPro Shoulder Pulley
    In Stock

    Shoulder Pulley

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    Use the DynaPro Shoulder Pulley for exercises that will improve your shoulder range of motion as you recover from shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder or a rotator cuff injury.

  • DynaPro Instant Cold Pack
    In Stock

    Single Use Instant Cold Pack

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    The DynaPro Single Use Instant Cold Pack will help reduce pain, swelling and bleeding in the immediate aftermath of suffering an acute injury.

  • DynaPro StretchLight Hand Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandage
    In Stock

    StretchLight Hand Tearable Elastic Adhesive Bandages

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    Use DynaPro StretchLight hand tearable elastic adhesive bandages for superior conformability and support for knees, ankles, hands and wrists, particularly when treating sprained or vulnerable joints.

    • Latex free and hypoallergenic composition also makes it the ideal choice for those with sensitive skin or for those with histories of allergic reactions;
    • High quality adhesive that provides reliable support to weak or injured joints and muscles;
    • Bandages come in sealed airtight packages that protect against the elements and help to prolong fabric quality and adhesive longevity;