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  • Cinder Suds

    Cinder Suds


    Cinder Suds from Cramer Sports Medicine is a waterless foam hand soap/wound cleanser that comes in a  5oz aerosol spray can.

  • Cramer Sports Medicine Colorless Tuf Skin Spray
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    Colorless Tuf Skin Spray


    Colorless Tuf-Skin is a non staining aerosol formula that helps to firmly secure tape, underwrap and elastics to the skin, thus reducing irritation

  • Cramer 1050i Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 1050i Athletic Tape


    Cramer 1050i athletic tape is a high quality porous and latex free tape that comes in useful for treating or preventing soft tissue injuries as well as cuts, scrapes and other similar skin damage.

  • Cramer 750 Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 750 Athletic Tape


    Cramer  750 Athletic Tape combines a latex free adhesive, a computer calibrated unwind and high tensile strength to offer unrivalled performance in supporting and stabilizing injured joints and muscles.

  • Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape
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    Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape


    Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape is both porous and latex free adhesive tape and is designed to provide high end performance at an attainable price

  • Cryo Caps
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    Cryo Caps


    Cramer Cryo Caps are made from neoprene & will reduce the cold discomfort of ice baths while allowing you to continue to benefit from the therapeutic benefits.

  • Cramer Deluxe Fanny Pack

    Deluxe Fanny Pack


    The Cramer deluxe fanny pack retains all the useful features of the original but adds quick access pockets on the front and sides for emergency supplies, tape pocket and a detachable module. It builds on your ability to leave both hands free to treat your patients while keeping all your supplies within easy reach.

  • Cramer Sports Medicine Dual Density Foam Kit
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    Dual Density Foam Kit


    Use the Cramer Sports Medicine Dual Density Foam Kit to get the all in one padding benefits of high and low density foam layers.

  • Cramer Fanny Pack

    Fanny Pack


    When you take possession of the Cramer fanny pack, you will see why it has become a popular choice among athletic trainers and coaches the world over as a versatile on the field first aid kit. Multiple pockets allow you to organize your gear just as you like and the pack can be worn either with or without a belt, depending on your preferences. A durable build based on the use of 1680 ballistic nylon rounds out a fanny pack that will give you a lifetime of reliable service.

  • Felt Horseshoe Pads

    Felt Horseshoe Pads


    Precut felt horseshoe pads from Cramer Sports Medicine that will help save time and money when treating sports injuries such as sprains and strains.

    • Particularly useful for wrapping lateral ankle sprains.
    • Will protect the injured tissue without compromising athlete comfort
    • Avoids the time and potential loss of material when cutting felt rolls
    • Sold as a pack of 10
  • Cramer Felt Variety Pack
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    Felt Variety Pack


    The Cramer felt variety pack is a versatile and all-in-one solution to all your orthopedic padding needs.

  • Cramer Flexi Wrap
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    Flexi Wrap


    Cramer Flexi Wrap is a transparent self adherent film for use in fixing bandages as  well as protecting wounds and application of cold therapy.

    • Allows quick application of cold therapy using instant cold packs
    • Also can be used for secondary fixation of wound dressings
    • Handle may be purchased separately & includes handbrake for more accurate dispensing
    • Wrap is available in sizes 4″ and 6″