Non Tear Stretch Tape

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Latex Free?


Cramer Sports Medicine’s non tear stretch tape will provide serious athletes with the protection they need for weak or unstable joints or to avoid strains or sprains. Latex free for maximum wearing comfort and available either with 2″ or 3″ widths.

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This non tear stretch tape from Cramer Sports Medicine provides maximum support for the athlete concerned to prevent injuries, but without sacrificing mobility. Use it for strains, sprains and other minor soft tissue injuries. Athletes with weak or unstable joints will also value the protection they get from this tape. It has high tensile strength for optimal joint support.

This tape is comparable to ElastikWrap tape from DynaPro Health (which is also latex free) or to Mueller Stretch M tape (which is not).

You can use it to also fix bandages, padding & cold packs.

Non stretch tear tape is latex free for optimum wearing comfort. especially for those with latex allergies or sensitive skin.

It is coated with zinc oxide adhesive to secure it to the body with no need for pins or clips.

You can buy non tear stretch tape by the case of 24 rolls (2″ x 5 yds)  or 16 rolls (3″ x 5 yds).

Because of the high tensile strength of this tape, you will need to cut it using a pair of scissors.


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