SelfWrap Cohesive Bandage – 6 Yd Rolls

Choose DynaPro SelfWrap for a latex free and hypoallergenic solution to your need for a cohesive bandage that will stick only to itself and provide the support and compression you need for treatment of your soft tissue injuries.

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2″ x 6 yds, 3″ x 6 yds

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DynaPro SelfWrap is a cohesive (self adhesive) bandage that sticks only to itself. It will not adhere to skin, hair or other tapes or bandages, making removal a pain free process. These bandages offer adjustable support for treatment of sprains, strains and other soft tissue injuries. However, like DynaPro StretchLight, they can also provide compression to alleviate the bleeding and swelling that may accompany such injuries.

DynaPro SelfWrap bandages are hypoallergenic and latex free. If you or your patient has sensitive skin or a history of allergies, these bandages are the perfect choice.

Like other cohesive bandages, DynaPro SelfWrap bandages do not use or rely on an adhesive that wears out over time. They are therefore reusable and you can simply remove and reinstal them as you need to. You can also reuse them over extended periods.

The tensile strength of these bandages is 35 Newtons/inch.

The 6 yd DynaPro SelfWrap bandage comes in white and in 2 sizes –  2″ x 6 yds and 3″ x 6 yds. There is also a 5 yd roll that is available in 2″ x 5 yds and 3″ x 5 yds sizes. It is priced and sold by the roll but is also available in boxes of 24 rolls (2″ x 6 yds ) or 16 rolls (3″ x 6 yds). Each roll comes in an individually airtight plastic wrap. As a result, they will stay in pristine condition until the time comes to use them. As long as they are in these wraps, there is no risk of cross-contamination due to contact with other materials in a training kit.

SelfWrap is also available in a 5 Yd Roll that is great for application to smaller body parts.


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