Cohesive Spatting Tape

Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape is used by football players worldwide for wrapping wrists or for “spatting” their football shoes to add stability to the ankle.

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Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape is for use by pro, college, and high school athletes worldwide. This stretching, conforming, elastic and cohesive tape is the perfect solution to  wrap your wrists for extra support. It is also useful for spatting shoes to secure cleats or to stabilize your ankle. You can also use it to secure braces and/or padding.

This tape can be used by football players for “spatting” their cleats, i.e. taping the cleats  and part of the leg.. The aim of spatting is to provide a small degree of lateral support for the ankles in order to reduce the risk of “rolling” the joint during play. It also helps to keep your cleats clean during the game. The elastic and conforming nature of the tape makes it easier for you to put it on and remove it by yourself, without needing scissors.

Additionally, these qualities will help you to apply it to your cleats in one continuous piece. You will not need to keep tearing off pieces. The result is a cleaner look to the finished spatting job, with greater comfort and less bulk.

As mentioned above, you can also use this tape on your wrists (again mainly by football players). Used in this way, it will provide a degree of support to the wrists and reduce the risk of a sprain or fracture during play.

In addition to in jury prevention and increased mobility, using Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape to secure your cleats will give you the ability to play with more confidence, secure in the knowledge that your cleats will not come off during play.

Tip – in applying the tape, be careful not to wrap it too tightly as you may restrict your ankle movement during play. At the same time, wrapping the tape too loosely will not give your ankle the degree of support you need.

Mueller Sports Medicine Cohesive Spatting Tape – Features

  • Lightweight, moisture resistant and easy to tear.
  • 2″ width
  • Available in white, red, blue and black


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