Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape

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32 Rolls

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Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape is both porous and latex free adhesive tape and is designed to provide high end performance at an attainable price

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Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape is a porous and latex free zinc oxide based tape.  Like its sister product 750 Athletic Tape, it provides superior performance at a fraction of the price of comparable tapes from other brands.

This athletic tape features superb tensile strength and can conform to the most highly contoured parts of the body. Like DynaPro Porous Zinc Oxide Tape, Cramer 950 Athletic Tape is both latex free and porous. It will allow the user to sweat through the tape, leaving the skin dry and comfortable underneath.

Cramer 950 athletic tape uses a latex-free adhesive. This reduces the risk of latex related allergic reactions.

The tape also boasts a computer calibrated unwind that ensures consistency throughout each roll. A high quality athletic tape should exhibit even and fluid tension when coming off the roll. Cramer has manufactured their 950 Athletic Tape to achieve this.

As with all athletic tapes, we suggest that you ensure your skin is clean and dry before application.

Cramer Sports Medicine has had more than 95 years of experience working with sports medicine experts and athletic trainers to understand what athletes need to perform at their best. The quality and performance of their 950 Athletic Tape amply demonstrate the vast experience they have gained.

Each roll is 1.5″ by 15 yards in size. Sold by the roll. Price shown is for a single roll.

Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape – Key Features

  • Porous zinc oxide tape with superior tensile strength;
  • Excellent hand tearability. Tearing athletic tape is key to being able to use it effectively;
  • Conforms to the most contoured and irregular body areas;
  • Comfortable and premium quality back cloth
  • Premium quality cotton tape at an affordable price;


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