Ortho Gel Padding Material

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Use Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material whenever you or your athletes need some additional comfort or some extra protection to avoid injury or to protect an existing one.

Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material can be used wherever and whenever your athletes need maximum comfort and protection. For example, you can use it for treatment of sprains, inside chin straps,to make donuts for hip pointers or A/C contusions and for compression strips for shin splints. This padding can also be chilled to provide cryotherapy treatment.

The padding is made of a visco-elastic polymer that repeatedly deflects impact force. You can use it to protect painful areas or those that have already experienced an injury. It works by spreading out on impact, thus channeling impact energy away from the protected area. It then recovers its original shape after the impact, and is therefore prepared for another blow.

Cramer Sports Medicine Ortho Gel Padding Material is also naturally tacky, and so adheres to the skin with no need for taping or wrapping.


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