Colorless Tuf Skin Spray

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Colorless Tuf-Skin is a non staining aerosol formula that helps to firmly secure tape, underwrap and elastics to the skin, thus reducing irritation

Cramer Sports Medicine Colorless Tuf Skin Spray helps secure tape, underwrap and elastics to the skin to reduce friction. It aids in prevention of blisters and chafing and won’t stain skin or clothes. For insulation from friction, use Tuf Skin with Cramer Skin Lube or Heel & Lace Pads.

Tuf Skin is made from the following ingredients:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol;
  • Rosin;
  • Butane;
  • Propane.

You may also wish to consider the M-Tac non aerosol spray from Mueller Sports Medicine.


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