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Cramer Cryo Caps are made from neoprene & will reduce the cold discomfort of ice baths while allowing you to continue to benefit from the therapeutic benefits.

SKU: 125CRA279820

Cramer Cryo Caps are made from neoprene and are designed for use in ice baths. They will help the athlete to reduce the cold discomfort of an ice bath while continuing to experience the therapeutic benefits.

Neoprene is an excellent choice of material for this purpose as it has superb warmth retention capabilities. It will also provide targeted compression to muscles and joints and reduce the muscle soreness that may be a factor after a long workout or game.

Sold as a pair. One Size Fits All. May not be suitable for persons susceptible to dermatitis or who have broken or sensitive skin. phlebitis or circulatory disorders. May cause skin irritation.

One Size Fits All.


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