Flexi Wrap

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Cramer Flexi Wrap is a transparent self adherent film for use in fixing bandages as  well as protecting wounds and application of cold therapy.

  • Allows quick application of cold therapy using instant cold packs
  • Also can be used for secondary fixation of wound dressings
  • Handle may be purchased separately & includes handbrake for more accurate dispensing
  • Wrap is available in sizes 4″ and 6″

Cramer Flexi Wrap is designed for quick application of cold therapy using DynaPro instant cold Packs, for example.It can also be used for wound protection or secondary fixation of primary bandages. May be used with a specially designed handle (sold separately and equipped with a handbrake) for more efficient application and for precise control of the tension of the wrap.

Cramer Flexi Wrap – Application Instructions

  • Cover skin before application of cold therapy
  • Hold film with thumb until the first overlap;
  • Once the first overlap is complete, the film will hold itself in place;
  • Avoid application anywhere near the face or head, as this can risk suffocation;
  • Use the handbrake to control tension while wrapping;
  • Once the wrapping is complete, tear or cut the film and tuck it under the previous wrap.


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