MoleSkin Roll

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2″ x 25 yds, 3″ x 25 yds

Use the Cramer Sports Medicine MoleSkin Roll to protect your athletes against blisters of all types and to strengthen your joint taping jobs.

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Cramer Sports Medicine MoleSkin Roll is a non stretch adhesive felt that strengthens joint taping. It comes in two sizes – a 2″ x 25 yard roll and a 3″ x 25 yard roll. Purchased in an easy dispensing box, it can be cut into a variety of shapes for blister protection. Athletic trainers can use it as a form of protection against blisters on any part of the body.

Moleskin is a great choice for stirrups for bad ankle strains or for other situations in which something stronger than taping is needed. It’s stronger than tape, but more gentle on injured or tender areas.


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