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Our BioSkin® premium bracing and compression products are designed to provide the best patient experience possible. They combine high levels of compression with maximum patient comfort and breathability. BioSkin products are all 100% latex and neoprene free as well as being hypoallergenic. This eliminates the risk of adverse medical reactions (e.g. allergies), thus ensuring greater patient compliance and more favorable outcomes.

The patented SkinLok™ feature results in increased friction against the skin in the presence of moisture from perspiration, lotion or even water, so that the brace remains firmly in its intended position for a superior pain reduction and healing result.

BioSkin® Materials

BioSkin® has developed an innovative range of materials for specific applications and products, but always with the same objective – to produce the best patient experience possible. For more information on the innovative range of BioSkin materials, please review the following video:

The BioSkin range includes many renowned products like the Trilok ankle brace, the DP2 wrist brace and the Baja 627 back brace. Dunbar Medical is proud to be the exclusive distributor of BioSkin products in Canada. We look forward to introducing you to this premium bracing line.

When you choose from our range of BioSkin products, you can be confident that you are choosing the best possible experience for yourself or your patients. Shop with confidence.

Suggested BioSkin® Products

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