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This is a visually appealing display of the most popular selections from our BioSkin bracing line. It includes a high quality selection of wrist, elbow, back, ankle and knee bracing products.

BioSkin bracing products are renowned for their lightness, thinness and medical grade compression that helps to improve therapeutic outcomes. These supports are also made from their unique patented hypoallergenic, latex and neoprene free materials. Made in the USA.



This is a 2′ Planogram arrangement of our BioSkin premium bracing products. It includes their most popular styles such as their DP2 wrist brace, Hinged Knee Skin, Trilok and Back Skin products.

BioSkin bracing products are known for their innovative use of hypoallergenic, latex and neoprene free materials. They also feature medical levels of compression for added therapeutical effectiveness. This makes them a popular choice of orthopedic brace for physiotherapists, chiropractors and sports medicine physicians.

If you would like to customize your BioSkin planogram selection, please let us know and we will work to accommodate your needs. In addition to the initial customization, you can adjust your BioSkin Planogram Display twice in the first 6 months after purchase with no restocking fee. This will ensure that you have the most popular products for your particular location and customers.




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