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PowerFlex AFD is a hybrid bandage consisting of Powerflex and an absorbent foam dressing (AFD) with a waterproof film as a barrier between them. The resulting combination can be used to treat wounds, lacerations and turf burns. The film prevents migration of perspiration, moisture and other contaminants through to the wound and thus reduces the risk of infection.

  • Rolls are individually packaged.
  • Single use product only.
  • Available in colours black and white.

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Discover the advanced wound care solution that combines comfort, flexibility, and effective healing support: the Andover PowerFlex AFD Adhesive Foam Dressing. Engineered to cater to a wide range of wounds, this innovative dressing offers optimal moisture management, gentle adhesion, and superior absorption, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for wound healing.


  1. Adaptable Foam Design: The PowerFlex AFD features a soft and pliable foam construction that conforms effortlessly to various wound shapes and contours. This adaptability ensures full coverage and support for wounds of different sizes.
  2. High Absorption Capacity: Infused with advanced absorbent technology, this adhesive foam dressing quickly absorbs excess wound exudate, promoting a moist wound healing environment. This accelerates the healing process while reducing the risk of maceration.
  3. Gentle Adhesion: The gentle yet secure adhesive border adheres comfortably to the skin, ensuring that the dressing stays in place without causing unnecessary discomfort or skin irritation.
  4. Moisture Management: With its unique ability to manage moisture effectively, the PowerFlex AFD helps prevent both excessive drying and over-moistening of wounds. This balanced moisture control supports optimal healing conditions.
  5. Breathable and Comfortable: The breathable foam material promotes air circulation while providing cushioning and protection to the wound. This enhances patient comfort and minimizes the risk of friction-related complications.
  6. Easy Application and Removal: The dressing’s user-friendly design makes application hassle-free, and its non-stick removal reduces trauma to the wound area.


  1.  Versatile Use: From chronic wounds to acute injuries, surgical incisions, and abrasions, the PowerFlex AFD is suitable for a wide spectrum of wound types and stages.
  2.  Reduced Dressing Changes: Thanks to its superior absorption and moisture management, this dressing minimizes the frequency of dressing changes, enhancing convenience for patients and caregivers.
  3. Enhanced Healing Environment: The PowerFlex AFD fosters an ideal healing environment by keeping the wound bed moist and preventing bacterial contamination.
  4. Promotes Patient Comfort: The foam’s soft texture and gentle adhesion ensure that patients experience minimal discomfort during wear, contributing to their overall well-being.
  5. Clinically Proven Performance: The PowerFlex AFD is backed by quality assurance, making it a reliable choice for healthcare professionals and patients alike.

Experience the PowerFlex AFD difference in wound care. Elevate your healing journey with a dressing that embodies innovation, effectiveness, and patient comfort. Embrace the potential of Andover PowerFlex AFD Adhesive Foam Dressing for optimal wound care management.


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