TriLok Ankle Brace

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Ultima 2sL

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For Ankle Sprains, PTTD, and Plantar Fasciitis

The Bio Skin TriLok has unparalleled versatility, delivering targeted unloading to medial and lateral structures.

  • Positioned laterally, the FootLok™ Strap supports and protects the lateral ligaments and the peroneal tendons;
  • Positioned medially, the FootLok Strap supports the plantar fascia or the posterior tibial tendon. No other brace offers such versatility;
  • The included Stirrup strap provides superior lateral stability and relieves pressure on weak or injured ankle ligaments and tendons;
  • The low profile and ultra comfortable TriLok is effective with almost any type of footwear or with no footwear at all;
  • Made from BioSkin’s patented and highly breathable Ultima 2SL material;

The BioSkin TriLok ankle brace offers a simple and effective solution for pain from plantar fasciitis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. It can also be used for proactive protection from ankle sprains.

The TriLok features a patented FootLok strap that supports weak tendons and soft tissues in the foot. The FootLok has a dual function. Positioned laterally across the foot, it  supports and protects the lateral ligaments and peroneal tendons. When positioned medially, it supports the plantar fascia or the posterior tibial tendon.

The brace also features two independent straps to stabilize the midfoot and hindfoot.

Another unique feature of the BioSkin TriLok is its low profile, which gives it the ability to be worn with any type of footwear or when barefoot. This also permits normal ankle flexion and extension while wearing the brace.

The TriLok’s micro fleece lined Ultima 2SL™ material features a Velcro-compatible surface to enhance compression and flexibility in anchoring and closures. Like all Bio Skin materials, Ultima 2SL™ is hypo allergenic and is also 100% neoprene and latex free, thus eliminating any risk of allergic or other adverse reactions.


Ultima 2SL material | Bio Skin TriLok
Ultima 2SL material used in BioSkin TriLok

The BioSkin TriLok ankle brace incorporates the SkinLok™ feature. This increases adherence to the skin in the presence of perspiration, thus reducing slippage during periods of intense physical activity. As a result, the brace will remain firmly in its intended position and will continue to apply compression to the appropriate area. The brace will therefore continue to be effective in reducing pain and promoting healing while your patients pursue their normal activities.

BioSkin TriLok – Features and Benefits

  • Easily Fits into Most Shoes
  • Made with Breathable Bio Skin Materials
  • Compressive Material Speeds Healing and Proprioception Return Following Tissue Trauma
  • Universal Left or Right
  • Latex Free and Neoprene Free

BioSkin TriLok – Conditions and Indications

  • Ankle Sprains
  • Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction (PTTD)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Peroneal Tendon Injuries
  • Subtalar and Ankle Arthritis
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