HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve

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The McDavid HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve features McDavid’s innovative HyperBlend™ technology to produce an ankle sleeve 30% lighter than other sleeves and designed to treat the pain of ankle tendonitis or ankle arthritis.

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The McDavid HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve boasts McDavid”s HyperBlend™ technology. HyberBlend™ combines the support of neoprene and the breathable compression of knit material. As a result, this ankle sleeve is 30% lighter than traditional ankle sleeves but provides superior targeted compression. In addition to these features, the HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve features an anatomical precurved compression fit design. This results in superb fitting comfort. Your patients will be able to wear the sleeve for prolonged periods with little or no discomfort.

The McDavid HyperBlend Ankle Sleeve is designed to relieve the pain of ankle arthritis and ankle tendonitis. It fits left & right, thus simplifying inventory planning.

This sleeve can play an important role in recovery from ankle injuries sustained in activities like running. Use it in the later stages of recovery while you work to regain strength, stability and range of motion of your injured ankle.

Available in sizes SM, MD,LG and XL.

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