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Over the past 30 years, Aircast has become a symbol of excellence and innovation in patient care throughout the world. Each product conception is based on soundly thought out scientific principles and developed with strict adherence to the requirements of functional management.

Aircast uses patented technology to treat and manage sprains and other injuries. The company has also developed expertise in the application of graduated pneumatic compression to treat and rehabilitate repetitive stress injuries. Athletes and physically active individuals throughout the globe have benefited from Aircast’s medical expertise and commitment to scientific methods.

Aircast’s impressive range of products include:

Highly effective and anatomically designed orthopedic braces;
Cold and vascular technologies and therapies that are respected throughout the world;
A sophisticated and anatomically designed vascular compression pump that helps Aircast patients manage and prevent venous disorders;
A range of state of the art, lightweight, efficient and robust walking braces that will help keep you on the move while your foot or ankle injury heals;
High quality, comfortable and supportive foot & ankle braces used by serious athletes in many sports to manage or prevent injuries, and to enhance performance;
Anti embolism stockings and compression hosiery that provide additional therapeutic options for individuals afflicted with venous disorders.

Aircast products all offer immediate relief, stabilization and support of injuries to help speed a complete recovery and return to action. They are an integral approach to any optimal healing strategy.

Dunbar Medical is proud to present the Aircast product range for consideration by our customers.

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