Tennis Elbow Brace

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A tennis elbow brace helps to reduce the pain from tendons damaged as a result of vibrations travelling up your forearm muscles. The energy from these vibrations can damage the tendons that attach your forearm muscles to the outside of your elbow. Because tennis elbow is sometimes referred to as lateral epicondylitis, this type of brace is sometimes alternatively known as an epicondylitis brace. We provide some pointers below as to what to look for in the best epicondylitis braces.

What Are The Different Types Of Tennis Elbow Brace?

A tennis elbow brace can be one of 3 different types:

  • A plastic clasp or clip that you wear around the arm over an area adjacent to the site of your elbow pain;
  • A strap that you also wear around your arm next to the painful area. This strap is usually adjustable. This type of epicondylitis brace allows you to alter the area to which you are applying compression. Additionally, you can alter the amount of compression as circumstances change;
  • A sleeve that covers the entire elbow. It may also come with a strap that goes over the painful area.

If you are suffering from another elbow condition in addition to your tennis elbow injury, we would suggest the use of the sleeve/strap combination mentioned above. This type of epicondylitis brace will allow you to use the strap to apply targeted compression to the site of your tennis elbow pain. You will also be able to apply general compression to your elbow joint for more general circulatory improvement and pain relief.

The Best Tennis Elbow Braces

In general, if you are in the market for one of these products, here are our suggestions for what to look for in the best epicondylitis braces:

  • Look for a brace that is able to fit a wide variety of arm sizes and that offers adjustable compression;
  • A brace that is breathable will give you long term wearing comfort;
  • If possible, make sure that your tennis elbow brace does not slide around on your arm during use. Instead it should stay firmly in position and continue to apply pressure precisely on the intended area.
  • We would suggest that you  choose an epicondylitis brace that is as low profile as possible. This type of brace will be easy to wear under regular clothing without causing you discomfort.

Suggested Tennis Elbow Brace Products

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