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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Sleeve offers compression and soothing warmth to help promote healing from general elbow injuries. Fits either elbow.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Sleeve provides soothing warmth from its neoprene blend and helps promote healing and flexibility.

This sleeve provides general compression to your elbow to combat the pain and other symptoms like inflammation and swelling resulting from repetitive stress injuries of the elbow. Compression will speed the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the injured area and will also expedite the removal of lymphatic fluids and other metabolic waste materials.Both of these actions will help to reduce swelling and inflammation and accelerate healing.

The sleeve will also retain your body heat and provide a soothing warmth over the injured area. This warmth will also reduce stiffness of the joint.

Neoprene offers excellent compression and warmth retaining capabilities and will make this sleeve an excellent choice if you do not have a history of allergic reactions to these injuries. However, you should consider another elbow support option (e.g. one made from spandex) if you have a history of these reactions.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Sleeve is a low profile elbow support that you can wear under business, sports or casual clothing. It will also not restrict your range of movement during sporting/athletic activity.

This elbow brace also has the advantage of easy application – just slide your arm through the sleeve and pull it up over your elbow.

To clean the sleeve, hand wash in cold water using a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Hang dry. Do not iron or use bleach or fabric softener.

Available in size Small to X-large. Black.

Mueller Sports Medicine Elbow Sleeve – Indications

  • General pain/inflammation in the elbow or surrounding area
  • Mild Tennis or golf elbow
  • Other overuse injuries of the elbow.

Please note that this brace may not be the best choice for acute tennis or golf elbow symptoms. For these, we suggest a brace like the Tennis Elbow Support with Gel Pad. That brace will provide more targeted compression to the injured medial and/or lateral elbow tendons that are causing the pain.

Measure around elbow

Small: 7 - 10" / 17 - 25 cm
Medium: 10 - 12" / 25 - 30cm
Large: 12 - 13" / 30 - 33cm
X-Large: 13 - 15" / 33 - 38 cm

Hand wash using cold water with a mild soap or detergent. Do not iron or use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly. Hang dry


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