Tennis Elbow Support With Gel Pad

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Tennis Elbow Support With Gel Pad relieves the symptoms of golf or tennis elbow and frees you to enjoy the activities you love. Try it and enjoy the freedom it gives from pain and discomfort.

SKU: MU97027

The Mueller Sports Medicine Tennis Elbow Support With Gel Pad has a gel pad that provides concentrated pressure and soft, breathable materials.

Wrapped around the forearm, this support compresses it and absorbs some of the vibrations that would otherwise reach the soft tissues adjacent to the site of pain.It will also modify the angle at which the injured tendons insert into the muscles at the elbow joint. This reduces the forces to which the tendon is subject, further reducing the pain and allowing the injury a chance to recover.

You can also position the gel pad to further absorb some of the vibrations passing along your forearm while you perform the activity that has caused the pain and discomfort of either golf or tennis elbow.

Anti-microbial treatment (protects the brace) helps reduce odour-causing bacteria.One size – measure around elbow – 10″ – 14″ / 25 – 35cm.

For Whom Is The Mueller Sports Medicine Tennis Elbow Support With Gel Pad Suited?

This support is a good choice for casual athletes, weekend warriors or those whose occupations require them to perform repetitive tasks that aggravate the symptoms of golf or tennis elbow.

This group extends well beyond those who play tennis or other racquest sports. In fact, the overwhelming majority (95%) of tennis elbow cases result from activities other than participation in racquet sports. Activities as diverse as using a hammer, garden shares or scissors can all cause this condition.

In addition, despite its name, you can use this brace to relieve the symptoms of golf elbow. In these cases, you should position to absorb forces passing through the forearm and reaching the tendons on the inside of the elbow (as opposed to the outside of the elbow, as with tennis elbow). Golf elbow is generally the result of activities (rock climbing, for example) that require the continual application of a strong gripping force.



- Pull the strap through the buckle with gel pad on the inside.

- Slide the support onto your arm.

- Position the gel pad below the elbow.

- Secure the adjustable strap.

Care: Hand wash the support in cold water using a mild detergent. Avoid bleach or fabric softener. Rinse the support thoroughly and air dry.


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