SAM Splint

SAM Splint


An essential component of first aid or emergency medical technician kits, the SAM Splint is a compact, versatile and lightweight device that can be used to stabilize soft tissue injuries. It is also widely used in ambulances and other emergency aid settings.

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The SAM Splint is designed for immobilization of bones or soft tissues in emergency situations. Compact, versatile and lightweight, it consists of a 0.016 inch thick layer of soft aluminium with a polyethylene closed cell foam coating. It comes in the form of a roll or flat strip but can be unrolled or unfolded and formed to the shape of an injured person’s body. Once it has been folded into a curved shape, it becomes rigid and capable of performing its key function of soft tissue or bone immobilization.

The SAM Splint is particularly useful for addressing injuries of the forearm, leg or humerus but, if folded properly, can also be used to stabilize the cervical spine. You can also easily cut it with scissors or shears to make splints for smaller areas of the body (e.g. finger splints).

A patient can wear the splint while X-Rays are taken, as its radiolucent properties mean that it will not interfere with these rays. After each use, you can clean, re-roll and reuse the splint.

It is available in lengths of 36″ and 18″.


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