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Large/XLarge, Small/Medium

The Mueller Wonder Wrap provides firm and reliable support with long term elasticity. Durable and reusable, this wrap is the ideal solution when you are looking for a quick way to treat a muscle strain.

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The Mueller Wonder Wrap has nylon fibres that provide breathable, controlled compression. It is designed to maintain elasticity over the long term and has more stretch than wraps made from spandex.

Key Benefits

  1. This versatile wrap can provide support and compression to a strained muscle or can function as a barrier to hold a cold or hot pack in place.
  2. The compression allows increased blood flow to your injury and accelerates the removal of metabolic waste from the site. Both of these actions will result in reduced pain and swelling and a quicker recovery from the injury.
  3. The Mueller Wonder Wrap supports both hot and cold therapies as it can hold either a hot or cold pack in place over your injury, while providing compression to supplement the hot or cold therapy.
  4. Mueller Sports Medicine has designed this wrap to be easy to apply or remove. It is also reusable and so is extremely cost effective.
  5. You can wear the wrap under your clothing to provide a convenient all day source of compression to your injury.
  6. It is available in two sizes. You can use the small/medium version for joints like the wrist or elbow. For injuries to areas like the knee or shoulder, we suggest the large/extra large version.

Caution – when applying the Mueller Wonder Wrap, be careful not to apply it in such a way that it cuts off your circulation. Remove the wrap and consult a doctor if you experience numbness, tingling or even dizziness while wearing it.

Mueller Wonder Wrap – Key Features

  • Comfortable, reusable
  • Long term elasticity
  • Versatility
  • Easy on/off
  • Available in SM/MD (7.6cm x 70cm) and LG/XL (7.6cm x 1.3m)
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