Pro-White Athletic Tape

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Product Attributes
Rolls Per Case

32 Rolls

Priced Per




Product Dimensions

1.5″ x 15 yds

Jaybird Pro-White Athletic Tape is designed to secure weak/unstable limbs during athletic activity.

  • Non elastic;
  • Rubber based for easy tearability;
  • Bleached;
  • Conformable;
  • High quality hypoallergenic zinc oxide based adhesive;
  • High tensile strength.
  • Sold by the case of 32 rolls, each with dimensions 1.5″ x 15 yds.
SKU: DM-84545


Jaybird Pro-White Athletic Tape  (or EX25 Pro-White Athletic Tape) is a premium-quality sports tape that is designed to provide superior support and protection to muscles and joints during physical activity. This tape is made from high-quality materials, including a strong adhesive and a cotton/polyester blend that is both soft and comfortable to wear.

One of the main features of Jaybird Pro-White Athletic Tape is its exceptional durability. This tape is designed to withstand the demands of high-intensity athletic activity, making it an ideal choice for athletes who require reliable support and protection. It is also resistant to sweat and water, ensuring that it stays in place during even the most strenuous workouts.

Jaybird EX25 Pro White Athletic Tape is also highly versatile, and can be used to support a variety of different body parts, including the ankle, knee, wrist, and elbow. It can be applied in a range of different taping techniques, including figure-eight, heel lock, and spica taping, to provide optimal support and stability.

This tape is available in a convenient roll, making it easy to apply and customize to the individual’s specific needs. The white colour also makes it suitable for use in competitions or other events where colored tape may not be allowed.

Overall, Jaybird Pro-White Athletic Tape is an excellent choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who require reliable support and protection during physical activity. Its durability, versatility, and superior adhesive make it a popular choice among athletes and trainers alike, and its soft, comfortable cotton/polyester blend ensures that it remains comfortable to wear, even during extended periods of use.

Whether used for injury prevention or rehabilitation, Jaybird EX25 Pro White Athletic Tape is a versatile and reliable option for athletic taping needs.


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