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  • Renfrew Tape
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    Professional Trainers Tape

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    Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape) is Canadian made from premium bleached cotton back cloth coated with a zinc oxide-impregnated rubber adhesive.

    • Useful for treating sprains, strains and other sports injuries involving joints and soft tissues
    • Can also be applied to weak or vulnerable joints for additional support during athletically demanding activities
    • Effectively supports smaller joints such as fingers, wrists or even ankles.
    • 100% Canadian made
    • Fully tearable
    • Premium quality zinc oxide adhesive
    • Can be effectively used in combination with a self adhesive tape like Andover Powerflex

    Please see below for additional information about Renfrew Tape (#188 Professional Trainers Tape).

  • Scapa Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape
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    Scapa Polyflex 136 Polyethylene Film Tape (Wrestling Mat Tape)

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    Scapa Polyflex 136 is a polyethylene backed single coated tape with a rubber based adhesive and is useful for convention center floor marking, surface protection, wire identification, seaming or splicing of polyethylene sheeting and general purpose holding.