Ankle Brace with Straps

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An ankle brace with straps uses a strapping pattern around the ankle joint to provide lateral support and protection against sprains and instability. One of the most popular strapping patterns is the figure 8, which aims to mimic the support available from one of the most widely used taping patterns for ankle support and protection.

One particular advantage of this type of ankle brace is the ability to utilize adjustable compression for your ankle. In general, compression will help to promote optimal blood circulation through the ankle and thus reduce the risk of injury. If the ankle has already suffered an injury, compression will still help to promote good circulation but this time with the effect of shortening recovery time.

However, wearing the brace continually with high levels of compression may be uncomfortable. Hence, with an ankle brace with straps, it is convenient to be able to tighten the strapping for higher compression and support before starting an activity that will likely exert stresses on the ankle (e.g. an activity with plenty of jumping and running). After the activity, the user can adjust strapping tightness to increase the comfort level and slightly reduce lateral support and compression. In this way, an ankle brace with straps can be worn all day long without excessive discomfort.

Risks Of Using An Ankle Brace With Straps

Two potential drawbacks of using this type of ankle brace are:

  • Some of them may utilize complex strapping patterns (and may also use multiple straps with different patterns). The user  needs to take the time to learn the strapping patterns used by his or her brace. He or she also needs to take the time required to properly apply these patterns when putting the brace on.
  • Because an ankle brace with straps allows adjustable compression, there is a risk that the user may use it with too much compression. He/she may be doing this in an attempt to maximize support. However, this may then actually cut off blood circulation to the ankle, which would obviously be counterproductive.

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