Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer

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The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer features a convenient step-in design for convenient application, a seamless air-mesh sole for superior comfort and firm plastic stays for reliable ankle support. Replaces the MU44547 Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer.

SKU: MU44547

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer features a convenient step-in design for easy and convenient application .The brace also boasts a seamless air-mesh sole that will keep your feet ventilated, cool and comfortable. The comfort oriented design of the Ankle Stabilizer is enhanced by its soft lining and snag resistant binding that will make it easy for you to wear it with socks. You can therefore wear this support as part of overall business attire or on the sports field, court or stadium.

The Ankle Stabilizer also has with firm plastic stays that provide reliable lateral support to your ankle. It also uses a criss cross strapping design that simulates a tape job, but also allows to you adjust tension and support “on the fly” (unlike taping). The superior comfort of this support rounds off with its perforated neoprene blend that provides warmth and compression for pain reduction.

The Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer is a great choice for patients with moderately weak, sore, unstable or arthritic ankles. Use it also for non specific mild ankle injuries. If you have  these ankle problems and need an ankle support for baseball or another sport that is demanding on your ankles, the Ankle Stabilizer deserves serious consideration.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer is a one size fits all brace. It is latex free and therefore frees patients with latex allergy histories from concerns about unpleasant medical reactions. Fits either left or right ankle.

• Place heel in round opening with arch on section marked “bottom”
• Fasten bottom section
• Fasten top section
• Criss-cross tension straps
• Adjust for comfort

Care: Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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