Ankle Support with Straps

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The Mueller Ankle Support with Straps combines elastic straps for optimal ankle support with a neoprene blend construction for joint warmth & blood circulation.

  • An excellent choice for mild ankle sprains or weak or unstable ankles;
  • Warmth for its neoprene blend optimizes blood flow through the joint;
  • Warmth also reduces joint stiffness and pain;

Mueller’s Ankle Support with Straps is an excellent choice for treating mild to moderate ankle sprains as well as weak ankles.

Criss-cross elastic straps help support the ankle and reduce stress on the joint ligaments.

The support’s neoprene blend also prevents loss of heat and keeps the joint supple, which helps reduce pain and stiffness (including arthritic stiffness).

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

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