Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace w/Minimal Coverage & Flex Support Stays

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With an innovative step through rear entry design and a thin wrap compression top strap, the McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace aims to offer the ultimate in rock solid stability, range of motion and fitting comfort among low profile ankle braces.

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The McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace w/Minimal Coverage & Flex Support Stays aims to offer the most convenience and comfort and the best fit that you can find among ankle braces for tight fitting cleats and athletic shoes. The brace is designed to be the perfect replacement for athletic tape. However, it omits the hassle and technical expertise required for taping. It achieves this by way of its revolutionary step-through rear entry design and its thin wrap compression top strap. These features make it 30% lighter than traditional ankle braces. It also fits left or right, simplifying stock management.

Other features of the McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace are:

  • A ow profile design that feels great even in low profile shoes or athletic cleats;
  • Its lightweight design with no slip straps, delivering rock solid support.  It nevertheless offers all the range of motion you need for your daily and sporting activities;
  • Optimal medial/lateral stability and compression support, courtesy of McDavid’s patent pending exo ligament stirrup support stays.

This brace is the perfect answer for your patients with ankle sprain histories and who are looking for ways to continue their regular activities without future sprains.

For guidance on the benefits of using an ankle brace for sports, please read this post.

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