Gel Ankle Brace

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The Mueller Gel Ankle Brace is designed to provide maximum support plus cold therapy to injured ankles to speed recovery & allow for an early return to action.

  • Includes removable gel pads that may be frozen as necessary to apply cold therapy to reduce the pain of an acute ankle sprain;
  • Lightweight design for optimal user comfort and patient compliance;
  • Adjustable straps provide customized ankle support to reduce the stress on injured or weak ligaments;
  • Stirrup design adds to the ankle support from this brace and further protects weak, injured or vulnerable joints;
  • Recommended for use in the post injury period to speed recovery.
SKU: MU4556

The Mueller Gel Ankle Brace combines the benefits of adjustable straps, a stirrup design and cold therapy on an “as needed” basis.

Cold therapy is applied using removable gel pads and helps reduce blood flow in the immediate aftermath of an acute injury. It also reduces joint pain from this type of injury.

The adjustable straps allow for customized support that balances joint protection and user comfort.

The stirrup design further stabilizes the ankle joint and helps prevent excessive lateral movement, keeping the injured or weak ligaments protected from stresses and trains.

One Size.

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