Pre Taping Underwrap

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Product Attributes

Black, Lime Green, Natural, Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet

Save the day and the skin with McDavid Underwrap  – pre-taping polyurethane foam underwrap  on a roll


McDavid Underwrap is the perfect solution if you are looking to complete your tape job without chafing or skin irritation. It is a thin and lightweight foam based material that you can apply to your skin prior to taping for added comfort. The underwrap clings to itself and so provides a firm foundation for your tape job, with no loss of support.

It comes in seven colors, so you will have lots of options in matching your team colors or satisfying individual taste.

The traditional use of UnderWrap is as a protection for the skin against the strong adhesive used in athletic tape. Particularly among individuals with a history of allergic sensitivities, direct contact with the tape can result in chafing, irritation or even more serious adverse medical reactions.

To use the UnderWrap in this way, first wrap it around the area to be taped. As mentioned, the the foam material of which it is made will naturally cling to itself. This will allow you to then apply the athletic tape over the underwrap with no loss of support for the injured area.

However, McDavid Underwrap has some other uses as well. It can also be used:

  • As a headband to hold your hair in place and keep it away from your face and eyes.
  • To keep socks and pads in place, leaving the athlete free to focus on her performance  during training or competition.
  • To fix cold packs in place immediately after you have incurred an acute injury.
  • As a protective wrap inside your athletic footwear or himing or skiing boots. It will protect your feet from painful blisters or uncomfortable corns/calluses that may result from hours of friction and pressure during an event or outdoor excursion.

McDavid Underwrap – Features

  • 2.75” x 30 yds.
  • 2 Pack
  • Colors: Black, Scarlet, Royal, Pink, Lime Green, Purple, Natural


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