Kinesio Tex Gold

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Kinesio Tex gold uses their patented Fingerprint (FP) technology to increase micro stimulation to the epidermis for improved therapeutic outcomes.

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Kinesio Tex Gold comes from the manufacturers of the original Kinesio tape and uses their patented Fingerprint (FP) technology. Fingerprint technology is designed to replicate the sensitivity of the human touch. It will also provide better “holding” and superior breathability compared to Kinesio Tex Classic.

Tex Gold provides the ultimate solution for those seeking relief from overuse injury. However, it is also an effective solution to more complex and painful medical conditions such as those due to trauma or faced during rehabilitation from surgery.

Kinesio Tex Gold is available in colours White, Blue, Red. Black & Gold. It is sold by the roll. Each roll has dimensions 5CM x 5M.


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