Kinesio 60 Piece Pre-Cut Counter Display

Kinesio 60 Piece Pre-Cut Counter Display

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The Kinesio 60 Piece Pre-Cut Counter Display is our retail display unit for the 6 Kinesio pre-cut applications.

The display includes 10 each of back, knee, wrist, neck, foot and shoulder pre-cut applications:

  • Shoulder applications are designed to provide support for shoulder muscles, treat rotator cuff injuries and relieve shoulder pain.
  • Neck applications will treat neck pain caused by muscle strain or ligament sprain
  • Foot applications are designed to treat plantar fasciitis (pain in the arch of the foot and the bottom of the heel). They will also support the arch of the foot and alleviate associated pain
  • Knee applications are indicated for the treatment of  Runner’s Knee. They will also provide knee and patella support and alleviate associated pain and swelling
  • Back applications are designed to treat over stretched back muscles, lower back pain, lumbago and sciatica
  • Wrist applications are designed to treat Carpal Tunnel syndrome, provide wrist support and alleviate associated pain.

Kinesio tape is an athletic tape that is thin and highly elastic with the ability to stretch up to 140% of its original length. If the tape is applied while being stretched, it will recoil after application and create a pulling force on the skin. This increases the space below the sin and facilitates blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluids.

Kinesio tape is latex free and has an acrylic adhesive that is heat activated. Its cotton fibres allow for quicker drying which in turn makes it possible to wear the tape for up to 4 days at a time.


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