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The Sully Shoulder Brace provides breathability and shoulder support to treat a wide variety of shoulder injuries including shoulder strains, shoulder separation and rotator cuff deceleration. You can also use it in the post operative stages to assist recovery from shoulder surgery. The brace fits both right and left shoulders. It includes a vest, pad and adhesive backed hock material that ensures reliable attachment in the correct therapeutic position. The pad can also be purchased separately for use with other shoulder supports. Available in sizes Large, Medium and Small.

The Sully Shoulder Brace is a versatile shoulder support that combines breathabililty, comfort and outstanding shoulder support/stabilization capabilities. There are several features that help explain its outstanding performance:

  1. A breathable , hook sensitive neoprene vest that grips the skin to allow precise placement of the included donut shaped foam pad;
  2. The foam pad itslefcushions the AC joint from shocks and helps protect progress towards recovery.
  3. The breathable inner surface of the vest grips the patient’s skin and moves with it – almost like a second layer of skin;
  4. The support fits both right and left shoulders.
  5. Injuries treatable with this brace include (but aren’t limited to) shoulder separation, shoulder muscle strains, ligament sprains, rotator cuff deceleration and inferior/posterior shoulder instability.

Please watch the product gallery video to understand how to apply this brace for it to work effectively.

How Does The Sully Shoulder Brace Work?

  • The brace pulls the humerus to the posterior (rear) while restricting external rotation and abduction;
  • Its versatile elastic straps use Velcro technology to allow the attachment points to be chosen for optimum support, both in terms for force magnitude and direction;
  • The brace is designed with the natural movement of the shoulder joint in mind, and so follows the natural movement of the joint’s muscles and soft tissues.


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