Hg80 Elbow Support

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The Mueller Hg80 Elbow Support boasts their patented Hg80 design with antimicrobial protection in a lightweight and comfort oriented elbow brace.

  • Lightweight design that can be worn at home, at work or on the court or playing field;
  • Wearable under sports, regular or formal clothing;
  • Suitable for use when warming up or cooling down as well as in the middle of high intensity activity;
  • Antimicrobial design that controls odors, helps prevent unsightly stains (e.g. from perspiration)
  • The antimicrobial design also slows down long term damage to the fabric of the brace due to bacteria and other microorganisms, thus helping to safeguard your investmennt.

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The Mueller Hg80 Elbow Support will provide valuable elbow support during all phases of activity.

Helps reduce pain due to tennis or golfers’ elbow as well as elbow strains.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large.

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