4 Way Stretch Elbow Support

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Left or Right?


The Mueller 4 Way Stretch Elbow Support allows you to continue pursuing an active lifestyle with no loss of comfort of convenience.

  • 4 Way Stretch fabric that ensures uniform and comfortable compression;
  • Ideal for supporting weak, unstable or injured elbow ligaments or forearm muscles;
  • Targeted compression, courtesy of 2 adjustable gel inserts, to control pain and swelling.
  • Can be used to treat mild elbow strains, tennis or golfers’ elbow.

The Mueller 4 Way Stretch Elbow Support is a great accessory for supporting injured or painful mid to lower arm soft tissues. Its 360 degree compression and adjustable gel pads equip it to treat elbow sprains, forearm strains or tennis/golfers’ elbow.

Fits left or right.

Available in sizes Small/Medium and Large/X-Large.

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