Standard Elbow Skin

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The Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin provides full elbow coverage and optimal compression for treatment of elbow pain caused from contusion, bursitis, and joint swelling. Constructed from Bio Skin’s patented thin, breathable, Ultima™ material, which keeps you cool and dry and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin


The Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin provides full elbow coverage and high levels of compression for optimal pain relief.

The sleeve’s proprietary tri-laminate Ultima material has Lycra on the outside and a polyurethane film in the middle. The film permits moisture vapor transfer and thus perspiration evaporation. This facilitates the body’s natural temperature regulation system. Like all Bio Skin materials, it is hypo allergenic and 100% neoprene and latex free. These properties will eliminate the discomfort from wearing the brace over a prolonged period. The improved patient compliance increases the likelihood of a favorable treatment outcome.

Ultima material | Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin
Ultima material used in Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin

The brace incorporates the patented  SkinLok™ feature, which causes it to adhere more firmly to the skin in the presence of perspiration, water or lotion.  As a result of this, the Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin will remain in its intended area even through periods of intense activity. The patient will therefore have a greater likelihood of rapid pain relief and healing.

Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin -Features & Benefits

  • Full elbow coverage
  • Comfortable, low-profile fit
  • Contours to forearm shape
  • Comfortably fits into crease
  • Easily positioned
  • Pad fits over treatment area
  • Constructed with Bio Skin Ultima™ material
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free

Bio Skin Standard Elbow Skin – Indications

  • Contusion
  • Bursitis
  • Joint swelling
  • Elbow pain
  • Biceps/Triceps strains
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