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    • Companion 80 Iontophoresis Electrode

      Companion 80 Iontophoresis Electrodes

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      Companion 80 Iontophoresis Electrodes offer several innovative and convenient features including an integrated battery system and the ability to conform and adhere to the skin for up to 24 hours.

    • Dura Stick Plus Electrodes
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      Dura Stick Plus Electrodes

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      Dura Stick Plus Electrodes feature a carbon conductive film incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing and a PermaGel Hydrogel for better conformability to body contours.

    • DURA STICK Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes

      Dura Stick Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes

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      Dura Stick Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes feature a pure conductive silver layer and a stainless steel mesh backing of these electrodes that provides the ideal conductor for the signal from your electrotherapy unit. They are also available with a blue gel that protects sensitive skin and minimizes the risk of irritation.

    • Chattanooga Electrode Sponges

      Electrode Sponge

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      The electrode sponge from Chattanooga will help to improve the conductivity of all brands of electrodes used in your practice.

    • Iogel Iontophoresis Electrode

      Iogel Iontophoresis Electrodes

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      Iogel Iontophoresis electrodes offer many powerful features to improve the effectiveness of drug delivery, including:

      • Use of Silver-Silver Chloride to optimize delivery;
      • Designed to eliminate hydrolysis of water and gas as well as pH shifts;
      • Complete contact between drug electrode and skin, even in contoured body areas;
      • Uniform distribution of drug delivery while minimizing skin irritation & burns;
      • Peel away window to facilitate filling and handling. The window also helps to protect the adhesive cover during hydration and speeds electrode preparation.
    • Optima Iontophoresis Electrodes

      Optima Iontophoresis Electrodes

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      Optima Iontophoresis Electrodes have many significant features including:

      1. pH buffering – adjusts the pH to the ideal level of 4.5 for optimal transport when using a carbon conductive element;
      2. pH defining agent that adjusts the pH to its ideal level;
      3. Viscosity enhancing
      4. Uniform current distribution for greater patient comfort;
      5. High level of conformability that adjusts to a wide range of treatment sites;
      6. Excellent stretch and adherence
    • PALS Electrodes

      PALS® Electrodes

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      Offers excellent flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal skin contact at even highly contoured areas of the body.  These electrodes are designed to distribute current flow evenly for patient comfort.

    • Rubber Carbon Electrodes

      Rubber Carbon Electrodes

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      These are rubber carbon electrodes from Chattanooga for use with their Intelect Legend XT electrotherapy units.

    • BodyMed Self Adhering Electrodes (Square)
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      Self Adhering Electrodes

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      BodyMed self adhering electrodes are foam backed, with an adhesive gel layer to facilitate secure application and a high quality carbon film for superior conductivity.

    • AxelGaard ValuTrode® Electrodes

      ValuTrode Electrodes

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      Featuring  Axelgaard’s patented MultiStick® gel adhesive which promotes long-life and extended electrode wear.  Available in either cloth or foam top.