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  • ADP 400 Traction Table

    ADP 400 Traction Table


    The ADP 400 Traction Table has 4 sections and features a friction free gliding lumbar section and a turret mounted traction pedestal. The head and foot sections incline up to 90º.

  • Cefar Basic Tens Machine

    Cefar Basic TENS


    The Cefar Basic Tens machine from Chattanooga comes with three pre-installed programs  and is designed to meet all the basic pain management needs by way of nerve stimulation.

  • Cefar Rehab X2

    Cefar Rehab X2


    The Cefar Rehab X2 comes with Cefar Easy Touch and a preset program with comfortable stimulation.

  • Cefar Tens Machine

    Cefar TENS


    The Cefar TENS machine includes independent channels and both TENS and NMES functionality to offer pain management and rehab functionality in a single unit.

  • ColPac® Chilling Unit

    ColPac Chilling Unit


    ColPac® Chilling Units feature closed cell foam insulation and a  heavy duty compressor for optimum energy efficiency. They will provide chilled ColPacs on demand to keep your clinic supplied throughout a busy day.

  • ColPac® Cold Therapy

    ColPac Cold Therapy


    ColPac® Cold Therapy packs come in seven different sizes of blue vinyl and four black sizes of black polyurethane and are filled with a non toxic silica gel that maintains it pliability during treatment.

  • ColPac® Freezer

    ColPac Freezer


    ColPac® Freezers provide 5 cubic feet of capacity and will keep a large supply of already chilled ColPacs ready for use at a moment’s notice. Each freezer comes complete with trays and cup holders and is supplied with 12 standard size ColPacs.

  • Direct Tens Machine

    Direct TENS


    The Direct Tens from Chattanooga is designed for ease of use by patients facing painful conditions like arthritis.

  • Dura Stick Plus Electrodes
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    Dura Stick Plus Electrodes


    Dura Stick Plus Electrodes feature a carbon conductive film incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing and a PermaGel Hydrogel for better conformability to body contours.

  • DURA STICK Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes

    Dura Stick Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes


    Dura Stick Premium Self-Adhesive Electrodes feature a pure conductive silver layer and a stainless steel mesh backing of these electrodes that provides the ideal conductor for the signal from your electrotherapy unit. They are also available with a blue gel that protects sensitive skin and minimizes the risk of irritation.

  • Galaxy TTET300 Traction Table

    Galaxy TTET300 Traction Table


    The Galaxy TTET300 traction table is designed to provide effective and efficient spinal traction treatment. For use by Healthcare Professionals only.

  • Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers

    Hydrocollator All-Terry Covers


    Hydrocollator® All-Terry Covers will help your patient enjoy the benefits and pain relief of moist heat therapy without the risk of burns.