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Chattanooga is a leading manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders. Their products help to prevent injuries or promote rapid recovery after surgery, injury or the onset of degenerative disease, enabling patients to regain or maintain their original quality of life. They have set high standards for leadership, reliability and excellence and their products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide.

The Chattanooga brand spans industry leading modalities such as laser therapy, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and many others. Their Intelect electrotherapy, ultrasound and TENS machines are sold in over 80 countries worldwide including the USA, Canada, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region. They have become the automatic choices for physiotherapists and other clinical practitioners the world over. The brand is owned by DJO Global.

Dunbar Medical distributes the full range of Chattanooga electrical stimulation, ultrasound and TENS machines, including combination units.

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