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  • BodyMed Analog EMS Unit - Model 550
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    Analog EMS Unit – Model 550

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    The Model 550 Analog EMS unit from BodyMed is designed for use at home, in the office or at a clinic and can deliver any of three signal waveforms for superior effectiveness in musle rehabilitation or strength conditioning.

  • Analog Tens Unit Model 250
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    Analog TENS Model 250

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    The Model 250 from BodyMed is an analog TENS unit that offers a 2 channel signal and proves 3 possible treatment modes. It is designed with user safety in mind.

  • Digital TENS/EMS Device - Model 900

    Model 900 Digital TENS/EMS/IF

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    The Model 900 from BodyMed is a digital tens/ems device that offers pain relief from TENS therapy as well as muscle/tissue rehabilitation from EMS treatment. The unit also offers IFC treatment as an alternative form of pain relief therapy.

  • BodyMed Portable Massage Table

    Portable Massage Table

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    The comfort oriented BodyMed Portable Massage Table weighs just 34.6 lbs and comes with soft to the touch polyurethane upholstery and 0.75 inches of memory foam in its top layer.

  • BodyMed Self Adhering Electrodes (Square)
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    Self Adhering Electrodes

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    BodyMed self adhering electrodes are foam backed, with an adhesive gel layer to facilitate secure application and a high quality carbon film for superior conductivity.

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