Medical professionals use ultrasound imaging to “see” internal body structures. This is usually with the objective of finding the cause of disease or injury. Key advantages are –  real time images, portable units and a lower cost than other imaging technologies such as an MRI.  In addition, the technology uses harmless radiation, especially relative to X Ray imaging.

Ultrasound units have many available options including pulsed/continuous modes of operation, storable user defined configurations and battery or AC power options. There are considerable cost differences between these options. As a result, you should carefully evaluate your clinic’s needs before you make your choice.

Some units include ultrasound imaging capability as well as other therapeutic options such as laser or muscle stimulation. A combination unit may represent a considerable step up in the amount of your investment. However, if your practice frequently employs these other forms of therapy, you may find that a combination unit of this type may be the most cost effective option for you.

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