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Tens machine sales in Canada have increased in recent years. There is growing recognition of the effectiveness of these devices in helping to relieve pain. In addition, they are easy to use and do not present the possible side effects (e.g. addiction) of many pain relief medications.

TENS is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It refers to a type of therapy in which a device (tens machine) produces an electric current to stimulate the patient’s nerves. The tens unit is usually connected to the skin by way of 2 or more conductive gel pads. These pads are commonly known as electrodes. In Canada, a tens machine can usually vary the width, frequency and intensity of the electrical pulses it produces.

TENS therapy should not be confused with EMS (electrical muscle stimulation). These are different modes of therapy with distinct purposes.

Another important factor in the popularity of tens machines in Canada is the fact that you do not need a prescription to purchase one. Patients can therefore easily purchase these devices. They can then use them at home to treat pain from arthritis, labor (pregnancy) and other conditions. Individuals with restricted mobility do not have to worry about traveling to a doctor’s office for a consultation. With the growing importance of social distancing, the ability to gain relief while staying home is a particularly important factor. Many individuals who suffer from chronic pain may also have co-morbidities that place additional priority on social distancing.

The tens machines below are all available for sale in Canada.

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