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  • Cefar Basic Tens Machine

    Cefar Basic TENS


    The Cefar Basic Tens machine from Chattanooga comes with three pre-installed programs  and is designed to meet all the basic pain management needs by way of nerve stimulation.

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  • Cefar Tens Machine

    Cefar TENS


    The Cefar TENS machine includes independent channels and both TENS and NMES functionality to offer pain management and rehab functionality in a single unit.

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  • Direct Tens Machine

    Direct TENS


    The Direct Tens from Chattanooga is designed for ease of use by patients facing painful conditions like arthritis.

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  • Home Care Technology HT-329L4 TENS

    Home Care Technology HT-329L4 TENS


    Treat your pain safely and discreetly while performing your daily routine with the Home Care Technology Co. Ltd HT-329L4 TENS unit. It will give relief from the pain of headaches, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sports strains and muscle injuries.

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  • Intelect TENS Digital

    Intelect TENS


    The Intelect TENS unit comes in three variations – basic, standard and digital – and can address multiple patient needs, from pain management to preventing or retarding the atrophy of disused muscles.

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  • mettler tens unit 210

    Mettler Tens Unit


    The MettlerTens Unit comes in two model types, both of which are designed for nerve stimulation and treatment of back pain

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