Cramer Skin Lube

Skin Lube


Cramer skin lube boasts a higher melting point than petroleum jelly to give long lasting protection from blisters to marathon runners as well as players of team sports.

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Cramer Skin Lube helps to prevent blisters in vulnerable areas like the hands, feet, chest, thighs and shoulder. It goes naturally with Heel & Lace products such as that from Mueller.

The lube also helps reduce chafing and wind burn, especially in dry winters such as those we frequently get in Canada.

Cramer skin lube has a higher melting point than petroleum jelly, and so is able to resist sweat for longer than that product can.

It is also a great product for long runs or hikes and especially for marathon runners who want to stay comfortable right through to the end of the race. However, it also comes in useful in team sports like football and hockey.


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