Aquaplast-T Thermoplastic Splinting Material

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Rolyann Aquaplast Thermoplastic Splinting Material allows repeated reheating and cooling to permit continual adjustment until the desired result is attained.


Rolyan’s Aquaplast-T is the same product as their Aquaplast Thermoplastic Splinting Material with the addition of a non stick coating in additional to the 100% memory for which it is renowned.

It  offers an ideal balance between the requirements for conformability and resistance to stretch. As a flexible and moldable material, it is superbly equipped for splinting areas such as the back, elbow,  ankle and other body parts.

This splinting material also has the feature of turning transparent or translucent once it is heated.

Once it is heated, the clinician can create a temporary bond by pinching the material together. The bond will become permanent once the coating of the splint has been scrubbed off or otherwise removed by using a suitable solvent.

Otherwise, the bond softens as the material cools.

The ability to form temporary bonds allows the clinician to revise and adjust the splint repeatedly as needed until the desired results are obtained.

Aquaplast Thermoplastic Splinting Material is available in various thickness and perforation levels.


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