Adult Non Rebreather Mask w/Side Valve

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Adult non rebreather mask with side valve that helps deliver oxygen to a patient after events like smoke inhalation, traumatic injury or Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

SKU: DM-1097


This is an adult non rebreather mask with a single side valve. It helps deliver oxygen to a patient in emergency situations.  It comprises a face mask connected to a reservoir bag. When in use, the bag is filled with oxygen for the patient to breathe.

In use, the mask covers the patient’s nose and mouth. The side valve prevents the exhaled air from re-entering the reservoir bag.

This mask is used to prevent a patient suffering hypoxemia (or low blood oxygen in bodily tissues). Patients may need it (for example) after traumatic injury, smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning.  In these situations, it is vital to keep the patient’s blood oxygen levels within safe and normal ranges.

Non rebreather masks provide the patient with higher oxygen concentrations than normal masks. They are usually appropriate only to effect short term increases in oxygen levela.

These masks should be used only under supervision of a healthcare provider.


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