Eye Wash

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Eye wash is an isotonic solution that can be used to remove sources of irritation or other types of discomfort and also protects the eyes from acidic or alkaline substances.

SKU: DM-10702


This eye wash solution is a ready to use isotonic mixture designed for irrigating the eyes. Use it to clean the eyes in order to ease irritation, burning, discomfort, stinging, smarting and itching. It works by removing loose foreign material, air pollutants (smog and pollen, for example) and chlorinated water.

Non medicinal ingredients in this eye wash solution are 2.5% boric acid (w/v), sodium borate and sodium chloride. Medicinal ingredient is 98.3% purified water.

This forms a buffer solution that helps neutralize the eyes following exposure to acid or alkaline substances.

Eye Wash – Cautions

  • For external use only;
  • Do not use on broken skin or wounds. Please see  our wound care products instead;
  • Do not ingest.
  • Keep away from infants or children;
  • Do not administer to children under 3 years of age;
  • Not for use with soft contact lenses;
  • This product should be stored at room temperature.


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