EMT ToothSaver

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The EMT Toothsaver can help save a knocked out tooth if you suffer a blow to the mouth after forgetting to wear a mouthguard.

  • Keeps the knocked out tooth moist for up to 24 hours until re-implantation can be done;
  • Useful for contact sports such as basketball, hockey and soccer in which blows to the face from an elbow or hand can occur;
  • Also useful in combat sports such as boxing, kick-boxing, judo  and karate.


The EMT Toothsaver is a dental first aid product that is designed to help save a knocked-out tooth in emergency situations.

The toothsaver includes a small container or vial filled with a specially formulated storage medium, which is used to keep the tooth moist and prevent it from drying out until it can be re-implanted.

When a tooth is knocked out, it is important to act quickly to increase the chances of successfully reimplanting the tooth. The tooth should be handled carefully by the crown, not the root, and should be gently rinsed with water or saline solution to remove any dirt or debris. The tooth should then be placed in the EMT-toothsaver container or vial, which can be easily transported to a dental office or emergency room for reimplantation.

EMT Toothsaver products are useful in sports settings, such as in schools or at sporting events, where dental injuries can occur. They are also commonly recommended for individuals who participate in high-risk activities, such as skateboarding or martial arts.

By having a toothsaver readily available, individuals can increase their chances of successfully saving a knocked-out tooth in emergency situations.


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