Germosolve 5 Disinfectant & Cleaner

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3.78 L, 946 mL

Germosolve 5 can help you decontaminate surfaces in your clinic, office, school or other workplace that could otherwise pose a risk to the health of your patients, employees, students or others.

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Germosolve 5 is an all purpose spray disinfectant and cleaner that is capable of disinfecting a wide range of surfaces in as little as 5 seconds. It effectively combats viruses ranging from HN1, Influenza A, Staph, Coronavirus, Norovirus, HIV, HBV and HCV. As a quaternary ammonium formulation, Germosolve 5 can help you manage the risk of infection or contamination that your employees or patients may face while using your premises. When dealing with highly infectious viruses such as COVID-19, the use of effective disinfectants or cleaners is key.

Quaternary ammonium cleaners are commonly used in the food and other industries where disinfection is a priority. They carry a permanent positive charge that helps them bind easily to the negatively charged surfaces of most microbes. This increases the period of time over which they can effectively attack and destroy harmful microbes and pathogens.

Like other cleaners such as Germiphene, Germosolve 5 can treat most of the surfaces that may be potential infection risks. These include granite, marble, hardwood/laminate floors, countertops, wall, porcelain tiles and many more. Use it rinse free on non food contact surfaces.

For use in offices, schools, hospitals, walk in clinics and wherever else you need to ensure there is no risk of infection or contamination by harmful viruses or bacteria.

Please read the test report on Germosolve 5 in the gallery image section of this page. It shows Germosolve’s impressive performance against a wide range of viral and bacterial pathogens.

Available in 2 sizes –  946 mL and 3.74 L – both  fragrance free.


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