Shoulder Pulley

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Use the DynaPro Shoulder Pulley for exercises that will improve your shoulder range of motion as you recover from shoulder bursitis, frozen shoulder or a rotator cuff injury.


The DynaPro Shoulder Pulley will help you recover from injuries like a frozen shoulder, shoulder bursitis or injured rotator cuff by gradually strengthening the shoulder joint and increasing your range of motion. You can also use it to strengthen your shoulder and reduce the risk of future injuries. It is essentially a rope terminated with handles and equipped with small pulley system. There is also a stopper end. You can easily hang this device over a door at home (using the stopper end) and carry out a wide range of shoulder pulley exercises with it.

Although the DynaPro Shoulder Pulley  is suitable for home use, please use it under the supervision of your physiotherapist or other health care advisor. It is easy to re injure your shoulder if you increase the level of difficulty of your exercises too quickly.

Shoulder Pulley Exercises

You can use this pulley to perform the following rehabilitative shoulder exercises, among others:

Shoulder Flexion

Hang your shoulder pulley over a door and stand with your back to it. Hold the handles of the pulleys with one in each hand. Then pull the handle on your non painful side down. This will lift your other hand. Allow it to move up and focus on keeping your elbow straight. Lift your injured arm up as far as possible and stop once you start to feel pain. Keep your injured arm in the raised position for two seconds and then use the pulleys to slowly lower it to your side. Repeat 10 times.

Shoulder Abduction with your Shoulder Pulley

Stand with your back to the door and with the shoulder pulley hanging over the door. Once again, hold the pulley handles one in each hand. Pull down the handle on your healthy side. Allow the pulley action to lift your injured arm out to the side. Keep the elbow on your injured side straight and continue lifting until you start to feel a strain in your shoulder. Hold for two seconds and then slowly lower your injured arm back down to your side. Repeat 10 times.

Shoulder Internal Rotation

Stand with your back to the door and hold the shoulder pulley handles with one in each hand. Keep your injured shoulder rotated slightly inward and allow the hand on the same side to rest comfortably behind your hip or lower back. Pull down with the handle in your healthy arm and allow the injured arm to be raised behind your back. Continue until you feel a slight strain and then hold for two seconds. Then lower the arm back down to your side. Repeat 10 times.




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