Face Shield – Eye, Nose & Mouth Protection

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The DynaPro Face Shield provides full facial protection from large respiratory droplets emitted by others while maintaining perfect frontal and peripheral vision.


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The DynaPro Face Shield offers full  protection of your facial mucous membranes against possible invasion of bacteria, viruses or other foreign matter. The three facial mucous membranes are the eyes, mouth and nose and the face shield protects all three.

DynaPro Face Shield - Side View
DynaPro Face Shield – Side View

The visor of the shield is manufactured from polycarbonate in order to enable it to withstand powerful impacts without shattering.

It provides comprehensive facial coverage with dimensions 33 cm (length) by 22 cm (width). With these generous dimensions, you will benefit from 100% facial coverage. At the same time, you will continue to enjoy total clarity of vision (whether straight ahead or peripheral).

The face shield’s polycarbonate visor is also equipped with a dual anti fog coating (one on each side). This ensures continued clear vision with no risk of interference due to condensation of moisture from your breath.

Finally, the shield comes with a comfortable head band that secures it in place even through vigorous physical activity.

DynaPro Face Shield – Advantages

In comparison with both masks and respirators, face shields offer greater wearing comfort. You will not feel them pressing against the skin of your face and potentially restricting your ability to breath or speak. As a result, you will feel less retained heat and superior ventilation for your face.

You can also easily clean, disinfect and reuse your shield (please see below for more information on this important matter). This is of course not an option with (K)N95 respirators or disposable masks.

If you wear facial hair such as a. beard or moustache, you may know that this compromises the effectiveness of N95 or KN95 respirators. However, face shields are not affected by this problem..

Many individuals suffer suffer claustrophobia. If you are one of them, you  will be delighted with the feeling of greater spaciousness that you get from wearing face shields. (K)N95 respirators, disposable masks and goggles all press directly against facial skin.However, as we have mentioned above, shields do not touch the face.

Compared to (K)N95 respirators and disposable masks, face shields also provide all in one protection against the three facial mucous membrane areas (eyes, mouth and nose). (K)N95 respirators and disposable masks will generally only project the nose and mouth.

For maximum protection, you can combine wearing your face shield with a disposable face mask or KN95 respirator.

How To Clean & Disinfect Your Shield

If you plan to reuse your face shield, regular cleaning and disinfection will be important for your safety. We suggest the following steps each day after its use::

  • Remove the headpiece (or harness) from the visor;
  • Submerge the visor in a warm solution of mild soap (such as Dawn) and water. This will ensure the removal of surface contaminants;
  • Clean the surface of the visor with a soft sponge or cloth;
  • Once done, rinse the shield and dry it with a soft cloth (ideally a microfiber cloth);
  • Clean the headpiece separately by immersing it in a warm soap solution, rinsing it and then drying with a clean towel or cloth;
  • Avoid using household or window cleaners on your face shield. They may contain chemicals that could damage it.


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