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Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap is a versatile alternative to compression wraps, wound care and fixation bandages. It will support your tape jobs and keep them in place, keep your hair away from your face and serve many other useful purposes.

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Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap has advanced woven fabric and is an alternative to compression wraps, wound care and fixation bandages. It doesn’t trap moisture so it won’t slip and tape jobs will stay tight for more support.

This sports wrap has many uses:

  • It can serve as an insulation that avoids direct contact between the skin and athletic tape. As a result, the chafing, skin irritation and (in some cases) adverse medical reactions that some people experience in response to athletic are all averted. The sports wrap is applied to the skin before the tape and clings to itself. This creates a secure platform for the subsequent application of athletic tape.
  • It can be used to hold sleeves out of the way during competition or training.
  • It can hold socks, pads and other similar accessories in place, so that the athlete can focus on her performance with no distractions.
  • You can also use it as a form of insulation inside hiking or skiing boots or other athletic footwear. It will reduce or completely prevent skin irritation, calluses, blisters or other sources of pain and discomfort that may occur over a long outdoor excursion.
  • You can use the wrap to hold a hot or cold compress in place.
  • In recent years, sports prewrap has also become popular as a means to keep hair out of the face during sports activity.

Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap is provided in attractive retail packaging that offers several display options in a store or clinic.

Mueller Sports Medicine Sports Wrap – Key Features

  • Traditionally used to protect skin from direct contact with athletic tape
  • Also useful to hold clothing in place, keep hair away from the eyes or as a form of insulation in hiking or skiing boots
  • Won’t stick to hair or skin.
  • Each roll measures 7.6cm x 5.5m.
  • Available in black or white.


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